Analysis Of Clamshell Packaging Of The Six Major Characteristics

2018-05-22 1234

1, strong environmental performance

Plastic products are recyclable, plastic trays are no exception, after the use of plastic trays can be recycled to break into particles most renewable materials continue to put into use, which to some extent reduce the amount of industrial waste in the corresponding Garbage disposal costs, in line with the country advocates the concept of environmental protection.

2, strong durability

Plastic tray high temperature, strong flexibility, resistance to falling pressure, life expectancy is about 10 times the wooden tray, long service life of the enterprise product logistics savings in storage costs.Plastic trays widely used in the automotive industry, the six major advantages favored

3, professional performance

Blister packaging plastic packaging market, the use of a wide range of manufacturers welcomed by many enterprises, sheet plastic trays can be used for medical, cosmetics and other light industry, thick plastic trays can be used for automotive parts, metal parts and other automotive machinery industry , Different products using different materials of plastic, making exclusive product packaging, professional performance, difficult to cause confusion.

4, strong reliability

Blister tray mold according to the production of mold, each groove projections are based on the appearance of the product design, making the product in the process of transport more stable, not subject to external damage.

5, transport performance

Plastic tray compared to metal, wooden tray lighter quality, no matter the factory turnaround, handling more easily and conveniently, but also reduces the weight of transportation and the use of costs.

6, for the development of the times have a good adaptability

Plastic tray is exempt from fumigation Mianjian products, such as wooden pallets in the export of goods do not need to go complicated procedures, exports directly to Europe and the United States. This also makes the use of plastic trays from industry and geographical restrictions.